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Your property may be flooded if a strong storm hits your area. Floods are among the most devastating disasters any homeowner can face because their fury does not end when the water recedes.

When the floodwaters recede, trails of property damage left by the storm become visible. It can be challenging to recover from a significant flood, especially if you have no one to assist you in cleaning and restoring your home.

When a strong storm or flood damages your property in Newell, NC All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte is ready to help with water damagerestoration services. We will implement a water damage mitigation and restoration plan to extract, dry, and clean the logged water.

For our water damage restoration services in Mecklenburg County, we use extraction, drying, and dehumidification equipment to prevent further damage. We also have moisture reading equipment to detect water in hard-to-see places like walls and ceilings. Call All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte on 704-908-6505 to find out how we can assist you!

Our Flood Restoration Process

1) Site Inspection & Preparation

Before beginning any work, our flood restoration specialists in Mecklenburg County will conduct a basic safety inspection on your property. The checklist includes inspecting structural damage, electrical system, and leakage in toilets and sewer pipes.

2) Identifying Hidden Leaks

Before performing flood damage repairs, any active roof leakage that allows rainwater inside the property will be inspected.

3) Determining Affected Areas

When flood damage is ignored, it can be severe. Our water damage service experts in NC will inspect all the affected areas or rooms in your home that have been contaminated by flood water.

4) Identifying Mold Infestation Levels

Flood restoration experts will also look for mold in the property, especially if the floodwater has been present for more than 48 hours. Our team in Mecklenburg County will prepare the site before the actual water damage repair process begins.

5) Performing Water Extraction

Our water damage restoration service experts in NC will use high-powered equipment to remove a large amount of water, particularly standing water, from your home or business property. Any items beyond repair will be disposed of to avoid further hazards.

6) Drying The Property

The property must be thoroughly dried and dehumidified to prevent mold growth in areas where moisture is trapped or still present. All affected areas, including walls, carpets, and furniture, will be dried by our professional mold inspection specialists in NC.

7) Accomplish Mold Testing

A third-party company usually evaluates the samples, so there is no conflict of interest. This is done to ensure that the indoor air quality is good and within acceptable limits.

8) Performing Mold Removal

Our experts in Newell, NC, will perform mold remediation to remove the molds and moisture problems, including those living in difficult-to-reach areas. It will also help reduce the spread of mold in the future, saving you money on additional work.

9) Construction, Demolition, & Reconstruction

After thoroughly cleaning and drying the property, our flood restoration team will inspect it for structural damage.

If the house has suffered extensive water damage, it is recommended that a temporary shelter needs to be built because reconstruction may take some time. The most commonly reconstructed locations are drywall, flooring, insulation, baseboards, and ceilings.

10) Restoration Phase & Securely Storing Contents

Our water damage repair technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning and restoring your property’s contents. All the salvaged items will be isolated, cleaned, sanitized, and restored.

Our mold remediation and restoration team will help you save money by advising you on whether the items can be repaired or needs to be replaced with new ones.

Why Choose All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte For Flood Restoration Services In Newell, NC?

We want you to know that when you choose All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte, you are selecting the world-class water damage repair and restoration service provider in Newell, NC. We provide you with faster & more efficient services than you can get anywhere. This is accomplished by:

1) Transparency:Our emergency water damage service team in Newell, NC, wants you to feel at ease and confident that we are handling your project to the best of our abilities.

We do this by keeping you informed at all times. We’ll assess the damage, walk you through the restoration process, let you know if anything is unlikely to be covered by insurance and answer any questions you have from start to finish.

2) Speed:No one is usually prepared to be away from their property for an extended period. We’ll do our best to restore your property quickly, with our 24-hour service restoring your property to normal as soon as possible.

3) Expert Concern:We have high-tech devices available. We offer some of the most specialized training available today. We know precisely how to handle even the most severe floods or water damage safely and promptly. We try doing everything we can to help restore your property and prevent long-term damage.

Reach Out To Our Flood Restoration Service Experts Today

Contact us on 704-908-6505 at any time, and we will either dispatch someone to your property to begin working on the problem or schedule a service at a convenient time.

We’re happy to answer all your questions about the next steps and demonstrate why we’re the perfect choice for emergency water damage service in your area.

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Newell is an unincorporated community in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, United States. The community is located along the northeast edge of Charlotte, and parts of it have been annexed by the city. Newell has a post office with ZIP code 28126.

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