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Mold spores can be found anywhere, even if you can’t see or smell them. When mold colonies grow in your home or business, they can cause serious health problems and endanger your family.

Mold can enter the home through windows or ducts, as well as through clothing or pets. Mold will thrive and grow in high moisture environments, causing problems. When you discover mold in your home, you should act quickly to resolve the issue.

Hiring a prominent mold removal company should be a simple and enjoyable process. This is why All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte in Hopewell, NC exist to assist you.

We’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and quickly assess the presence of mold in your home or business. We are a highly rated, licensed, and insured mold remediation company to ensure your home or business is mold-free.

Our mold remediation team at All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte in Hopewell, NC, is highly trained in mold removal from all types of buildings and structures.

As mold is microscopic and if detected in your home’s air, we can remove mold colonies that can cause health problems. Depending on the scope of the problem, we employ various techniques to achieve great mold removal results.

Trust Our Mold Removal Experts At All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte!

Mold removal is more than just cleaning the visible mold. To properly handle mold removal in NC, you must first eliminate the source of the water damage problem. All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte provides premium mold inspection, mold remediation and mold removal services in Hopewell, NC. 

We have top-rated house mold removal experts in Hopewell, NC. Our technicians respond quickly to damage repair requests, whether due to flood or a leaking pipe. Our IICRC-certified and experienced mold inspection technicians in Mecklenburg County have the knowledge to prevent mold damage.

It is critical to act quickly to remove the mold when you have a mold infestation. Fortunately, our highly skilled mold removal team in NC is there to assist and ensure that the job is done correctly.

All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte proudly serves areas in & around Hopewell, NC, and is available around the clock to help you. Call us on 704-908-6505 to book an appointment for water damage repair and mold remediation service.

Mold Inspection & Removal Procedural Steps Followed By All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte

Mold remediation addresses cleaning, removing, and restoring high concentrations of mold spores in homes and businesses in NC. Remediation prevents the same problem from recurring by addressing the root causes of a mold outbreak. Our mold inspection specialists provide free on-site mold inspections and assessments.

We use airborne mold detection and mold inspection tools that provide real-time results, allowing us to take immediate action if elevated levels of airborne mold are detected.

1) Mold Inspection

We provide mold inspection, laboratory analysis, and written remediation plans in collaboration with nationally recognized testing facilities.

2) Containment & Isolation

All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte in Mecklenburg County utilizes a range of containment strategies, including infrared detection technology, physical barriers, and anti-microbial agents to protect properties from further mold growth.

3) Air Filtration

Mold spores in the air frequently cause cross-contamination and escalate the situation. Our water damage restoration company All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte in Mecklenburg County filters the affected air using HEPA filtration, negative air machines, and other techniques.

4) Mold Removal

Mold damaged materials are removed once containment is in place. This includes removing porous materials like drywall, upholstered furniture, carpet, insulation, cabinets, etc. Our team employs HEPA vacuums, antimicrobial agents, and high-tech equipment to remove the mold altogether.

5) Affected Materials Disposal

All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte removes, bags, and disposes of mold-affected materials.

6) Content Cleaning & Sanitizing

Our mold remediation and water damage repair experts in NC restore furniture, decorative pieces, clothing, and other items using professional-grade products to clean the items thoroughly without compromising the material’s integrity.

Why Hire Professionals In Hopewell, NC For Mold Removal?

Being proactive and addressing mold problems as soon as possible is a good idea, attempting to remove mold on your own could endanger you and your property. There are numerous reasons to hire mold testing and remediation professionals, such as:

1) Our mold removal professionals have Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) kits and mold removal equipment to help mitigate mold exposure.

2) Our staff has received extensive mold protection and precaution training to ensure your mold problem is resolved safely.

3) Our trained mold testing professionals at All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte, understand how to treat and remove mold safely and effectively, ensuring the ideal results for your space.

4) We can identify all mold spores in your home or business, including visible, hidden, and dormant spores.

5) We can assist you in controlling your future mold growth by replacing affected materials and using mold-resistant products.

6) We can do the job right the very first time while being proficient and thorough.

Hire Mold Removal & Remediation Experts From All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte

Have you noticed green or black mold growth in your home or business? Have you observed an increase in allergy symptoms while indoors?

Contact our water damage restoration company, All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte, to assess the situation and receiving a robust and powerful mold remediation strategy. We want to control mold growth throughout your home or office. Call us at 704-908-6505 today.

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