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Overview Of Mold Testing Services To Quickly Assess The Mold Problems In Pineville, NC!

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Are you unsure about mold presence in your home? Are you concerned that mold is contaminating the air you breathe? When left untreated, a significant mold problem can damage the structure of your home. Molds can also be reasons for several health issues.

Suppose you need a mold inspection at your home in Pineville, NC. In this case, All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte is a certified mold remediation company you can rely on to educate you regarding the dangers of mold.

More importantly, hiring us will assist you in determining precisely what is going on in your home. After your property in NC has been evaluated, you will know if there is a problem, how severe it is, and where it is coming from.

Being a leading mold testing and remediation company in Pineville, NC, we provide the most effective and efficient mold testing, removal, and remediation services to residents and business owners. Our mold removal specialists can handle even the most challenging mold problems.

Our Mold Testing Procedures For Reliable & Quick Results

Our water damage restoration company, All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte in Mecklenburg County, takes specific steps to ensure the best possible outcome in every situation. 

The first step is to determine whether mold conditions exist in the home via mold testing procedures. Mold can grow due to a simple pipe leakage, an incorrectly installed AC unit, a permeable foundation, and various other factors. 

Water damage restoration companies like All Dry Services of Greater Charlotte in NC can identify the source of the problem to ensure that all repairs are adequate.

The property’s moisture manual mapping will allow us to check every area that could have been affected by water. Moisture mapping windows, cabinetry with plumbing, tile floor systems, and many other regions will reveal hidden problems.

Measuring temperature, humidity, and dew points will enable our mold testing team to detect moisture caused by considerable temperature differences. Every client receives a comprehensive report that includes observations, test results, and recommendations.

This allows the homeowner to identify the source of the problem and fix it. The house mold removal team in Mecklenburg County does not simply issue a report and then vanish. The homeowners can freely contact our inspectors with questions about the mold remediation process.

Scheduling a mold inspection before purchasing your home is advised by experts. Contact us for water damage restoration service on 704-908-6505.

Signs Of Mold Infestation In Your Home

Some people may constantly feel ill and show symptoms they cannot explain. It’s worth investigating whether the mold presence is the root cause of those symptoms. Hidden mold is nothing new to homeowners. Here are a few signs that your home is dangerously mold-infested:

1) An Unusual Odor In Your Home

Mold may not always be visible, but its unpleasant odor can be detected. If your home smells musty or like a wet pair of socks, there is a good chance that mold is present.

2) Colds & Coughs Won’t Go Away

Your family does not smoke, but you have been experiencing nasal stuffiness and coughing. A moldy home can be the source of respiratory problems and chronic coughing.

3) Unusual Stains On Your Walls

If you notice a visible water stain, discoloration, or deterioration, such as peeling off your wall, this needs investigation. Mold and water damage are often found together.

Our Professionals Conducts Various Types Of Mold Testing At Your Home!

When we come in, one of the first things we look for is if there is any odor. When there is mold, there is often a distinct odor associated with mold overgrowth. We would then conduct a series of other tests to determine whether or not there is an odor.

1) Moisture Testing

Our flood restoration & water damage repair specialist in Pineville, NC, would conduct a moisture test to determine the moisture percentage in each room. Anything above 60% is considered high and risky moisture content.

Mold grows fastest in high moisture environments, so anything above 60% is ideal for mold growth. The moisture test is conducted with a small hand-held device known as a moisture meter. The water damage repair and flood restoration specialist in NC takes this device to each room one at a time and records the readings.

2) Swab Testing

A swab test is conducted, which involves passing a sizeable swab, similar to a large q-tip, on the surface of polluted sites such as air vents or air handling units.

3) Section Testing

The section test is another standard test used to verify mold presence. This test involves cutting out sections of the contaminated area and sending them to the lab. Section testing entails using special tools to ensure that the cuts in the walls or cabinetry are tested.

4) Bio Tape Testing

This test involves pressing sterile tape against the surface of items such as carpets or furniture. All of these tests are sent to specialized labs, which provide the home or business owner with information about what is going on and the extent of the mold or water damage. The result shows the number of mold spores found and the type of mold discovered.

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